Link collection: Live on Crypto

A link collection to help you into a free economy

Stay under the radar

Safe computer use

Split Linux :), Split Linux

Encryption against surveillance, PrivacyTools

Software against surveillance, PRISM Break

Torified web search, DuckDuckGo

Notarize web pages, PageSigner

Identity protection

Create An Untraceable New Identity, The Security Blogger article

Generate fake identities, Fakename Generator

Generate fake names, MuffinLabs Namey!

Virtual phone numbers,

Anonymous SMS text massaging, VirtualSIM

One-time email addresses that work for Protonmail account creation,

Throwaway email addresses


Torifiable VPN, AirVPN (onion)

Anonymous domains, (onion)

A more secure email, Tutanota

Dark web site risk detection, OnionScan

Anonymously share files of any size, OnionShare

Share big files via API, Pixeldrain

Immediate temporary hosting for your website,


Torrent tracker, RARBG / 1337x / YTS / RuTracker

Tor site index, (onion)

Less up-to-date Tor link list, OnionDir (onion)

Physical world

Secure destribution of physical goods, "Dropgangs" article on

Understand fingerprinting

Extensive fingerprinting check "Am I Unique?",

Extensive fingerprinting check "Panopticlick",

Fingerprinting without JavaScript,

Explanation of fingerprinting without JavaScript,

Earn crypto


Sell files for Monero,

Reddit job board for tasks paid in Bitcoin, r/Jobs4Bitcoin

Buy and sell freelance services using Bitcoin, CryptoGrind

Job board for projects looking to pay in crypto, Coinality

Job board where many crypto projects are hiring, Angel's List

Job board for freelancers that want to earn crypto for their work, CryptoJobs


Article "Blockchain Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending"

Interest Account for lending BTC, BlockFi

P2P lending platform that supports XMR and EUR, Coinloan

Bitcoin lending HodlHodl

Spend crypto


Around the World Tickets and Multi-Stop Flights, AirTreks

Flights, TravelbyBit


Flights, ~4.5% hidden fee, Destinia

Stays, CryptoCribs

Hotels, Travala

Hotels, Trippki

Luxury car rental,

Shopping services

Shop in the USA and have packages forwarded to you, Shipito

Shop in the EU and have packages forwarded to you, ShopInBit

Payment paths

Buy physical prescious metals USA, JM Bullion

Buy or sell physical prescious metals EU, Bitgild

Coupons/gift cards Canada and the USA, Coincards

Buy virtual VISA cards that work internationally, TheBitcoinCompany

Buy gift cards, Gyft

Gift cards and cell phone refills, BitRefill

Send to European Bank accounts,

15%+ Discount shopping Amazon with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash,

Order at or with 10% discount, Alagoria

Business financing in 30 minutes, Bitbond


Buy and sell things online with Monero, We Shop with Crypto

Buy and sell things online with Bitcoin, OpenBazaar

Pay Bitcoin invoices with Monero, 0.3% - ~1% hidden fee,

Convert between crypto currencies, ~12% down to ~0.03% hidden fees for XMR->BTC,


VPS at rates of a shared hosting, Debian/Ubuntu, GoVPS

VPS in Romania, Debian/Ubuntu and CentOS,

Roughly double the price of GoVPS but more operating systems to choose from, Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/CentOS/RancherOS/FreeBSD BitVPS

API-driven VPS without accounts or emails, Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/CentOS/RancherOS/FreeBSD SporeStack

Merchant lists

Quickly filter for services accepting Monero, Monero Directory

Map of places accepting Monero, XMR Coinmap at Cryptwerk

Map of crypto ATM's and merchants, Coinmap World Map

List of companies accepting Monero, Cryptwerk

Places all over the net accepting Bitcoin,